Nowetah’s Indian Museum

These two photos are from the Nowetah’s American Indian Museum that is located in New Portland Maine. The owners of the business are both Native American and it is open all year round seven days a week. The museum has a gift store that is full of handmade items from the Pasamoquatie tribe. The museum shows artifacts from Maine Indian history. There are plenty of object that are located in the museum that help give an inside to the lives of this tribe and the Abenaki tribe in the past.

For example in these photos you will see the way that one of the encampments looked like for the Abenaki Indians. This encampment was located in the towns of Embden and Solon, Maine along the Kennebec River. There is now a campground where these Indians used to live.

This museum is only noticeable if you can see the sign on the side of the road. There are so many places that the museum could have been placed that would be closer to the actual Pasamoquatie tribal area.Yet however it is in the new Portland area that is south to the area that the tribe actually live today. This museum is a prime example of the land displacement in Maine. There is actually a great deal of Abenaki artifact in the museum even though the owners of the museum are Pasamoquatie.

The areas listed here in the story can be seen on the map below.
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