Father Rasle’s War 1724-1726

This war is the crucial turning point in the Abenaki history of their lives in Franklin county. This war was about the way that the Abenaki wanted to keep their freedom and saw the French as the best of two evils. They also wanted to keep their way of life however they had become dependent on the white men for their technology. The technology advances from ammunition, guns, metal, cloths etc. made the Abenaki depend on them. This hard place is a prime example behind why the war was so hard for the Abenaki.
Father Rasle was a jesuit priest who worked with the Abenaki and converting them to christian faith. He lived with Abenaki tribe that lived in Norridgewock. This area is right outside Farmington. He died because the English thought that he was who was helping the Abenaki raid their homes. The raids lasted for two years on each side the French and the English. There was so much blood shed during this war and it truly was the turning point in the Abenaki’s existence here in Maine.