Origin Stories

There are two stories that come from the Native American’s origins. One of the stories is the Creation Story and the Importance of Dreaming. The other Story is The Emergence Myth.

The Creation story and the Importance of dreaming is as follows. Tolba the great turtle was ordered to become the land. The turtles shell was then molded into the valleys and mountains. Tolba dreamed of having white clouds into the blue sky and it was so. As the great spirit of Tolba slept everything he dreamed came to life. The great lesson from this story was that we not question our dreams they are our creation.

The Emergence Myth is as follows. Kloskurbeh was made first from Manitou. Manitou is the Native American version of Mother Earth. In this story a boy is made from sea foam. A girl was made from earth. The Mother died and planted into two different piles so that she could still save her children from starving after she was died.

These two stories have been shared over the years throughout the history of the Native American population. The explanations here in the website are just the bare bones of the stories for more information go to the additional information section on the home page.

How does this apply to Maine you might ask. Well if you have ever been here you would know that Maine is primarily mountains and valise along with the ocean. When stories are told they have a tendency to revolve around or have influences of the area placed into them. To show this in an illustrated way I have some local photos from the Franklin County area. In the outlook photo you can see all the mountains in the distance. The Ocean photo is from Pine Point. These two areas are closer to Franklin county than other places. The areas shown just help give a visual to how the Abenaki might have seen the everyday life as the back of the turtle and the Ocean foam as a meta fore for life.