Project Review

            This project has been a very interesting experience. Everything  that is my website has been a lesson for me as well as allowing me to teach other people about the topic. I enjoyed learning about all the Abenaki history in the state of Maine and town of Farmington. There is very little to no known knowledge about the Abenaki from the area without digging into the right areas of research.  Finding those avenues were very hard throughout the semester but I was eventually able to find out how it works. When everything came together in the end I was so surprised at how well it all fit together. To be honest I was worried that there would be no way for it to fall together like it did. I enjoyed that once everything fell together I could see the story more clearly. The hardest part when starting the class was seeing the story and only finding all the holes. By telling the story through  the website and still seeing that there are holes allowed for a fuller view.

        The goal of the project was to show the educated population of Farmington maine the story of the Abenaki tribe that used to live in the state. The website shows the fact that there were Abenaki Native Americans living in the aria in the past. Not only that but it also shows an in depth example of the history that contrasts the origin town myth. That ended up being the focus of the story. I wanted to show people that there were Abenaki here and still are Abenaki in the state of Maine.  Having the connection of new statistics for the Opioid addiction in the area helped me find the new locations of the territories today in contrast to where we knew them to be from in the past. The website show cased all of the needed locations,historical stories, and artifacts that show the spherical view of the story. While having this view there were still holes in the story that can be seen but are still needing to be filled. By trying to fill these holes there would need to be much more research and facts available to close them.