Project Contract


  1. Mission Contract:
    1. Describe the overall goal of your project and the intended audience.
    2. Describe the basic structure of your site and intended features.  
      1. How will you incorporate common elements to all of our sites, such as the Treaty/land grant section and the map of the campus location in native space?
      2. How will you describe the research process we have undertaken together?
  2. Tools You Plan to Use:
    1. Everyone will be using WordPress at the site assigned, and we will all be using the same WordPress theme. What plugins will you use, and how will you design your layout?
    2. How will you incorporate the Timeline and will be using any Google maps?
    3. What tools will you use to edit images?  
    4. If you are using audio or video segments, what tools will you use?
  3. Sources
    1. List the sources you will be using. Include the sources provided by your instructors. If you do not yet have ten or have not yet found a source on a particular issue, explain how you plan to do so.
  4. Schedule of Milestones (when critical pieces will be ready to present)
    1. Include the dates from the syllabus for the six artifacts, including timeline, map of native space, and treaty and/or land grant.
    2. Include when you will send an image and date to Professors Duggan and Klein for the overarching course splash page.
    3. Set reasonable realistic goals.  Take into account that some things may take longer than others.  If you feel that something is a particularly large piece to swallow, you might consider dividing it into pieces, such as, “I will have completed half the… by …..”

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