Annotated Bibliography for Images

The Blake House of Keene State Campus

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Unknown Title of Five Massachusetts Towns – A map that shows the townships as Massachusetts House of Representatives granted them.

Chesterfield Historical Site. Unknown. State Archives. Concord, New Hampshire. c1750. Retrieved at:

The First People of the Northeast

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Abenakis’ Chief Pursues Cause Through Conflict – A newspaper article in the New York Times from 1988 highlight a modern land dispute in Vermont bewteen Homer St. Francis of the Abenaki Tribe.

Johnson, Sally. Special to The New,York Times. “Abenakis’ Chief Pursues Cause through Conflict.” New York Times (1923-Current file), Oct 02, 1988, pp. 46. ProQuest,

Abenaki Couple was originally found in a book about the Eastern Abenaki artifacts from the collections at Keene State College’s Mason Library. Having been from Montreal, it’s an guess that this is what Sokoki would have also worn, from knowing some Sokoki fled North towards Odanak, Canada.

Unknown Artist. “Abenaki Couple”. 18th Century. Courtesy of the City of Montreal Records Management & Archives, Montreal, Canada. Accessed 21 October 2018.

Indian village of Pomeiooc watercolor drawing

White, John. Indian village of Pomeiooc watercolor drawing. Trustees of the British Museum. 1585–1586

An Engraving of an Abenaki Girl

Women of Ossipee Tribe. An Engraving of an Abenaki Girl. Keene, New Hampshire. Horatio Colony Museum and Nature Preserve. c.1750.

Two Sides of the Coin exhibit hosted by Anita Carrol-Weldon, Director of Horatio Colony House Museum & Nature Preserve.

Alnobak: Wearing Our Heritage exhibit curated by the Vermont Abenaki Artists Association.