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Where are they now and what struggles do they still face? The article below is from The New York Times dated 1988. It reveals how the Abenaki, from which the Sokoki derive, are still seeking reclamation of land and recognition as a Native people in Vermont.

Abenakis'_Chief_Pursues_Cause_ (1)

There are still natives here in New England. They are small in numbers, but are active in politics, land reclamation, and online. The Cowasuck Band of the Pennacook Abenaki People is a website that aims to represent all tribes from New England, including Sokoki. They actively posts “Memes” about the hurt that still lingers about land theft and genocide.

2010 Census information on American Indian and Alaska Native Alone:

  • New Hampshire- Native American population: 3,949/Overall population: 1,316,460
  • Vermont- Native American population: 2,503/Overall population: 625,741
  • Massachusetts- Native American population: 32,739/Overall population: 6,547,808
  • Maine- Native American population: 9,299/Overall population: 1,328,362

Cowasuck Band of the Pennacook Abenaki People Active December 2018

Abenaki Nation of Missoquoi Active November 2018

“Tribal group purchases site along Penobscot River” November 2018

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