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About the Authors

Elizabeth Westhoff at Cahokia Mounds
Cahokia Mounds, Illinois. June 24, 2017.

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Westhoff, and I am a senior English major at Truman State University. I also have two minors: Communication and Folklore. While here at Truman, I have primarily focused on literature with a particular interest in the classics. I also work in the Special Collections department at Pickler Memorial Library which is where I learned about this class. I hope to pursue a career in Library Archives or Public Libraries after I graduate.

Hello, my name is Kathleen Dusseault, and I am a senior Art History and Anthropology major at Truman State University with a minor in Linguistics. My time at Truman has brought me to become involved with Special Collections, museums and archival work, and research with primary source documents and items. After graduation I’m interested in a career in museum education or history education. 

Kathleen Dusseault
Forest Park, St. Louis, Missouri. August 9, 2018.