Ioway Artifacts from the 1800s

Indian Pipe, 1824

This Indian Pipe is said to have been found in 1824 by the Missouri River. It was given to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in 1866 by John Varden and is said to be an Ioway Indian artifact. The fact that this pipe was found by the Missouri River proves that the Ioways either traveled all the way South to the Missouri River or traded with people who traveled those trade routes.

Iowa. “Indian Pipe. Flat.” Collected by T. L. McKenney, 1824. Donated by John Varden, 24 December 1866. Smithsonian Institute, NMNH Department of Anthropology, Accession number 66A00092,

Group of Iowa Indians Who Visited London in 1844

This artifact is a picture of Ioway Indians who are said to have traveled to London in 1844. The description of the picture says that some of the Ioways pictured are White Cloud, Walking Rain, Blistered Feet, etc. This would have been a turbulent time for the Ioways because they were recently removed from their native lands. 

Catlin, George. “Group of Iowa Indians Who Visited London in 1844.” 1845, Smithsonian Institute, National Anthropological Archives,

Zachary Taylor Peace Medal, dated 1849 and Pouch

The Zachary Taylor Peace Medal is actually a Non Native Artifact due to it not being made by the Native Americans, but it could have belonged to the Ioway Indians; specifically, Chief Dave Tohee. This artifact is dated between 1849 and 1900 which corresponds with a great deal of disruption for the Ioway Indians.

“Zachary Taylor Peace Medal (dated 1849) and Pouch.” 1849-1900, Smithsonian Institute, National Museum of the American Indian, Catalog number 24/449,